Interface Your Digital Camcorder to Your TV

The main gear you requirement for this venture is a computerized camcorder, sound/video link, DV tape, and a TV. Remote controls are discretionary.

The sound/video link in this exhibit is a typical style with buyer based one-chip camcorders. One end has a yellow RCA composite video and red-white stereo sound association. The opposite end has a 1/8-inch jack, like an earphone jack.

On higher-end prosumer/proficient three-chip camcorders, the link is probably going to highlight a yellow-red-white association on the camera. Another option is to utilize the red-white stereo links and S-Video association.

1. ocate the Input on the TV

Most more current TVs accompany the yellow-red-white association in front or as an afterthought, as appeared. On the off chance that you don’t see an association in front or as an afterthought, check the back of the TV for one. In the event that you don’t have one, consider obtaining a RF modulator to change over the yellow-red-white flag to RF or coaxial.

In the event that you see an association in the back however have something connected to it, unplug the present association and move to stage 3.

You can slight the dark link effectively connected to the TV. That is the S-Video association and is normally situated close to the yellow-red-white information sources & also visit Activate update windows

You ought to join every one of the links to the TV first, principally so that:2. Connect the Cables to the TV

You’re certain you have enough length on the link to reach from the TV to your camcorder;

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